Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Virtual World Viewers / The Biggest Problem Is ? / They Follow Second Life Mistakes !

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Let me get something straight, right off the bat. I have great admiration and respect for the remaining hand full of folks left over to steward Second Life as it slowly goes through it's agonizing death-throws.

    The amount of constant weekly changes to the SL Viewer has gotten to be almost comical, and yet the team still refuses to address some very serious issues. Instead the focus seems to be on, ( I still have not figured it out ) mostly useless minor changes that I have seen so far, fix this, break that, re-fix this, break something else, it goes on and on.

    And We Still do not have Tear Off Menus, ( one's you are able to move onto a second Monitor )
Gawd Dammit, why and the hell the TPV's are not abandoning SL in droves is beyond me.

    I have 2 workstations, both dual 19" that I use for Virtual World exploration, and still to this day I can not tear off a menu onto an adjacent screen. How can you possibly take any form of Software in
today's modern world seriously, when it does not offer this one simple and basic function ?

    Let's face it LL and SL have been milking the Third Party Viewers brains for about 8 years now, and for one reason or another, the folks involved seem to be like herded cattle, and we are still stuck with ?

   It's time to break loose, embrace Open Sim and Hyper Grid, and rid themselves of the LL trappings.

JayR Cela


Lord said...

Well, as you know, I have commented on the issue with tear off menus before. I even summoned the person responsible for having designed such a system. Gave your readers the original JIRA entry.

What it comes down to is this: In order for a viewer to have tear off menus that can be placed outside of the main viewer or even on other monitors, each individual tear-off menu or panel would have to be similar to being like a viewer of it's own...with the ability to dynamically update. Yes, the individual panels could be pared down to calling only the functions that was on it, but nonetheless, it would still be another instance of viewer to run at the same time as your main viewer.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Lord,

Always nice to hear from you again,thanks.

JayR Cela :_)

JayR Cela said...

Besides, you know darn well I just like to stir up controversy.

JaYR Cela :_)