Monday, January 19, 2015

Open Sim Viewers and Linux : Whats Available : And CTRL+ALT+F1 HUD Hiding Needs To Be Replaced !! : Permatentaly !!

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Open Sim and Hypergrid are here to stay, make no doubt about it. There are just way too many opportunities for entrepreneurs to ignore and not be willing to take advantage of.  Marketplaces for easily transferable from one grid to another Virtual Goods are rapidly becoming the norm, and gradually establishing themselves as viable Real Life $$ Money making places of commerce, the most notable being The Kitely Grid Market.

    In my travels I find far too few Linux based viewers available, which to me is inexcusable for the simple fact that Open Sim itself including the database is, and always has been based on the Linux platform, of course there are Windows and Mac versions, but all of the heavy lifting work on the back end is done using Linux, unfortunately for all of us Linux fans, the majority of real world computer users are running on a Windows Box, so it only makes sense to develop for a platform with the largest installed user base.

    There are 4 Outstanding viewers that come to mind, all of them are well established and have devoted user base's, so it should be no problem finding help within their individual user communities. I am not about to recommend one over the other, all four of them are fantastic choices, it just depends upon what you are comfortable with.  If you prefer an old school type V1 style, then Henry Beauchamps Cool VL is an excellent choice, as well as the very popular Singularity. Both of these are widely used in the Open Sim Hypergrid Metaverse. If you have become accustomed to the more modern features first introduced with the V2 style of doing things, then take a close look at FireStorm and Kokua.

    One thing I would like to see happen is ditching CTL+ALT+F1 ( the keystroke combination ) for hiding your Onscreen HUDS and various functions within all of these Viewers. It really needs to be Banished To The Depths Of Hell For Ever.

     Here are the links you will need, if you wish to further explore your possibilities.

Cool VL    :

FireStorm  :

Kokua        :

Singularity :

Kitely Market :

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