Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Imprudence Viewer for "Open Sim & SecondLife" Version 1.4.0-Experimental-2011.03.11

By Avatar JayR Cela

    You'll notice the title of this post list's, OpenSim first, and SecondLife, second. There is a good reason for that. Several month's ago the Imprudence team announced a shift in development goals, to be more towards OpenSim, rather than SL. I genuinely applaud them for this decision. But then, Imprudence suddenly stopped their weekly experimental builds. Well I'm happy to report that the team is back !

    This newest release has some very cool new feature's, some oddball quirky bug's too. But I imagine those will all be worked out over time. If you are on OpenSim user this may well be your best choice as your standard viewer.

     If however you are a SL user and prefer the 1.x UI. I would recommend other viewers over this one. #1 Log Files seems to be broken completely. #2 My Outfits is a no show on this release. #3 Muting group chat's is totally non intuitive. However their excellent on-line help has got to one of the best I have seen so far. And it was very easy for me to find an answer to my problem.

     This viewer performs on par with everything else I have tested so far, so I see no sense in going over all those details. As far as snapshots go, Blogger.com and Picasa don't seem to be cooperating with me today :)

JayR Cela

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