Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make like a tree and ...

By Avatar Mister Acacia

OK, leaf it to me to use a sappy joke.

Hi everyone, I'm Mister Acacia. I met Jay in a support group, solving Phoenix/Linux problems and now I am humbled that I have been invited to contribute here. Woot!

And to make the 200th post, even better. I should get a prize or something. lol

OK, so I thought I'd take a stab at reviewing Radegast. For some of you that use a lower-powered laptop or netbook, you find that most of the time SL is little more than standing around, barely able to move, maybe even crashing because it is so laggy. But you do want to get online anyway, you want to chat with friends. And seeing your virtual world isn't so much of a priority (how could it, you only see one frame every few days). Enter the Radegast Metaverse client.

Radegast is a text-based viewer. You get a little graphics, but it's static images and map views. But you can teleport at lightening speed, you can navigate and you can chat in local or IM. You can manage your inventory, listen to music, even voice chat if you can get it set up (doesn't work in Linux yet, Latif is working on it). You can sit, stand, fly, dance and otherwise animate your avatar, but you won't see it. Best of all, Radegast is a silverlight/mono application, so it runs on any platform that supports .NET or Mono.

The only downside, other than the obvious lack of rendered graphics, is that it's based on libopenmetaverse, which is snowglobe (V1) compliant, so when LL turn off V1 services, Radegast (and all snowglobe-based viewers) will be affected.

But if your primary desire is to chat in SL, or in other grids, Radegast is a lightweight alternative. You can get your copy of Radegast at
Join their brand new forum at

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