Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quick ... What's the number to 977?

If you haven't seen the news you're likely not a member of the Phoenix Support Group in SL, or a frequent visitor to the Phoenix Viewer home page. The devs at Phoenix have brought us a new viewer, labeled as a beta, It's a snowglobe viewer still; they're also working very hard on Firestorm and hope to have their second preview out in the coming week or two.

There are several changes made since they released the "final" update, 818, in December. First and foremost, 908 has a pretty high crash rate. Not everyone was affected - I wasn't - but enough were that they've done some research and some volunteer crash data and they believe they have solved most of those bugs. They also made some changes to default settings, like HTTP Get Textures, which seem to address another significant portion of users' concerns.

They also put in the long-awaited Media Filter, so when you visit a sim and want to play media or music, you are presented with a dialog showing the URL and four options. Of course, now you need to be a URL geek to understand what you're looking at. Ultimately it's up to you whether you trust a URL. And if you don't care, you can disable the filter in your Preferences.

There are more details on their web page. And initial observations yesterday it is being widely praised. If course, they can't make everyone happy. That's where freedom of choice enters the game.

Enjoy :)

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