Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SecondLife "Chat & IM Log's will soon get FIXED !!!" "My next Major Bitch Is"~"Fix and Enable MUTE GROUP CHAT !!!"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Yep you heard it here first ! My #1 major complaint with this horrendous piece of crap Viewer 2 is about to get fixed ! Finally someone has heard and listened to all my bitching about this serious flaw with V2. Chat & IM Log files. It is absolutely amazing the lethargic process that LL has taken to address this problem that was initially introduced with the onset of Display Names, What an idiotic, poorly thought out,  implemented, numb skull, and dimwitted idea.

    Hold on, don't jump all over me just yet. Yeah it's cool you can change your name to whatever the heck you feel like from day to day. But it completely wrecks havoc on your log files. If it's unimportant to you, great it's not your problem. If it is, then you will be very happy to know a fix is in the work's, the much anticipated Phoenix FireStorm Alpha ( scheduled for mid March release ) will not only address this major pain in the ass, they intend to FIX IT !!! Take that LL !! and stick it where the Sun don't shine !!

    And while I'm at it, and ranting incessantly, you can do the same thing with your convoluted JIRA as well. What a worthless piece of crap that disaster is. Do you really expect the average user to actually even attempt to wade knee deep in horse poop, trying to navigate their way through that mess ?

    My next major bitch. Fix the fricking "MUTE GROUP CHAT" !!!!!! Don't stop me now, I want my screen back. How about  a smaller Camera Cntrol that actually works, and does not randomly disappear for no good reason at all while I am building ? What about giving me a choice of skins ? For crying out loud, every one of the TPV's does this. Why cant you ? Dark grey on even darker grey on murky dark green is UGLY ! And take the Side Bar and toss this disaster and its Un-Dock, Re-Dock idiotic methodology and put that somewhere unmentionable as well. And give me a customizable UI that actually allows me to save my preferences when I log out.

JayR Cela :(


Geo said...

The one thing you can count on when it comes to LL if it is not fucked up thy will find a way to brake it, As sure as the sun shines...

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Geo :_)

Thanks for your comment, sadly I have to agree with you.

JayR :(