Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SecondLife "Kirsten's S(21)Build6~RC3" "Say WHAT ??" "What a MESS !!"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    There was a time not long ago, I actually enjoyed loading up and using the Kirsten version of SL. And admittedly this is after all, a Release Candidate. But I don't know what happened here.

    I'm an audio engineer in real life, so I am accustomed to having to deal with complex editing software suite's, plugin's, various file conversion formats, etc...

    But this has by far got to be the Hands Down Winner of the, "Way to Confusing to Even Be Bothered With" category of recent contestant's.

    So if you enjoy searching threw menu's and sub menu's, or your idea of a good time is reading a 50 page owner's manual just to figure out how to use your new television. Boy have I got a deal for you. LOL :_)

     My first clue something was wrong should have been this.

A very old log in bug, solved months ago in SnowStorm.
The inability to save User Name & Pass Word.


And the removal of Viewer Skin choices.

    Now the Kirsten Blog clearly state's there were numerous problems during the development process of this most recent release. If your daring, then by all mean's give it a try. Myself I just do not have enough spare time.

     All Jab's and Barb's aside, there is a ton of functionality built into this version on the SL V2 series, including Mesh support, and the new XMPP IM Chat compatibilities. It does have the possibility to eventually become the most advanced viewer available for SecondLife yet. So if you want total cutting edge, go for it !

JayR Cela :_)

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