Thursday, March 17, 2011

SecondLife "SnowStorm Beta" "My Initial Test Flawless" ~ Almost !

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Early today I discovered the newest phase of the Viewer2, Project Snowstorm's strategy. Actually I have been aware of it for several weeks, but figured was best to Keep My Big Mouth Shut, until I was actually able to see it in action.

    This is a dedicated team of people that really have their hands full. And quite frankly, I may or not be very well liked, because of my sometimes outspoken critique of a Viewer I really and truly hate. But Time Heal's all Wound's, and Time Wound's all Heel's. So it is time to praise some of the fine work that has be accomplished. And that is, Menu and Camera Control Focus.

     I have bitched up and down numerous time's here on this Blog about the total lack of consideration for long time SL content creators, and the worthless Camera Control in V2. ( I still think the dam thing is way to large )  The constant disappearing act, while editing a build. The total and complete lack of Floater Focus, and Semi Transparency's.

    So I went up into my sandbox today and took quite a few snapshots testing. I'm just going to pop them up here for ya all to see. The thing's I would like you to notice as you are looking at these pics, is the uniform consistency and control. No more sporadic and unexpected weirdo behavior. Yayyy !

 Hey There Happy St. Patty's Day / LOL  :_)

      No !! I did not do a through testing of this latest build, I still think the UI is a piece of Crap. But considering the convoluted mess and spaghetti code this team was handed. This nagging Camera Control, building issue seem's to have finally been put to rest  (  R.I.P. )

     Would I even consider using V2 as my main tool, or even my Main Viewer of Choice ? Most definitely not !!

     But it is important to remember 1 Thing ! There is, or will never be any one single SL Viewer, that will ever suit everyone's needs. My biggest mistake seems to have been the vision that SnowStorm would solve everything.

    There are a whole lot of issue's that still drive me nut's. Viewer2 was Ill conceived and implemented. But then again.

    Thats what Open Source, and Third Party Developer's are for.

JayR Cela :

P.S. Many thanks to everyone on the Snowstorm Team, for putting up with me *Bigg Huggs*

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Hitomi Tiponi said...

Maybe you should try the pre-release of the 2.6.0 Beta Jay - it now comes with a new 'Basic' mode.