Thursday, March 3, 2011

SecondLife "The Display Names~User Names Disaster" "When The Hell is LL Gonna Fix This Mess ?"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok this issue has really been pissing me off for quite some time now. I have brought it up numerous times here on this Blog in the past several month's.

    Some Idiot that used to work for LL, got the totally great and wonderful idea to allow people to be able to express themselves in a more creative manner, via the ability of being able to use different and various names. Well this is just a fine and dandy idea on paper. To bad the numskulls in charge, forgot to figure this equation into the back end Server Code, and communicate it intelligently to the people in charge of developing the Client Software.

    So now we have Display Names, and the old Style User Names. Oh GEEEZZE ! this is just so great and wonderful.

    That is until you realize that all of your Chat and IM Log's are now a complete messAlmost unusable !!!! That is unless your idea of a good time is dragging out a stand alone text editor, while searching through your computers directory files.

                                          And Why is that ?

    Because log files are now haphazardly stored by Display Names, as opposed to the actual User Name of your CUSTOMERS !!!! ( Please make note of this you Moron's at the Lab )

        So let's just say for instance ? It is important to you as a Merchant in SL to keep track of not only your records, current, and past, along with all the other duties involved in running a successful SL business.  And some whimsical CUSTOMER of yours decides to change his or her  Display Name on a regular basis, to Gawd ever knows. Guess What ?

    Your Log and Chat files become an un-sortable mess.

 And your FRIENDS !!! What about them ? For instance, someone you have not talked to in month's contact's you ? Wouldn't it be so very nice to easily recall your last conversation ? ( Just Like You Used to be able to do in any Viewer 1.x Version )

Am I Pissed Off ? / Damn Straight & Down Right Yes !!!!

    This problem has, and is being virtually ignored, and placed on the back burner by LL !
Well, I guess that much should surprise no one.

JayR Cela !! :(

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