Thursday, March 24, 2011

SecondLife Viewer2 "The Bell Toll's" "Phoenix FireStorm Put's Another Nail In The Coffin"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    The clock is defiantly ticking, for Viewer2. It's a total make or break situation now. A matter of either fix it, or start over. Well given the two propositions, simple logic says, Fix The Dam Thing ! This however for what ever reason's seems to completely elude the Lab. So the recent decision to Dumb Down V2 with a choice of Basic and Advanced mode's, is the answer ? Give me a break please ! The only people using V2 just plain don't know any better. OK with a few exception's here and there, my SL partner Cathy actually likes it, she has been in SL since 2004. Don't even get me started on the argument's we have had over my views on V2 / LOL :_)

     Excuse ME !!! Tap, Tap on your shoulder LL. Is anyone listening ??? Excuse Me, Excuse Me, are you there ? Anyone home ? Excuse Me....... Is anyone listening ?

      It's pretty darn obvious that LL has no business even getting involved with Viewer Development any longer. That time has clearly passed. Just write and enforce the standards, get the heck out of the way, and let true Open Source developers Guide the Ship. The writing is on the wall, Open Sim, and OS Grid are soon poised to kick the Lab's arrogant ass into the dust bin. If they don't WAKE UP SOON !!

     Lets consider this much, you want to own your own Sim. OK, first cough up 1000$ RL money setup fee, then, add 300$ a month for the privilege to operate a Virtual Piece of Nothing. Hoping and praying that paying customers will somehow miraculously  flock to your venue. And then you have to deal with V2. OMG !!

    So lets take a look at the Phoenix FireStorm Team. A group of extremely talented individuals who opened the window one day and said. Hey ! Were Mad as Hell, and Ain't Gonna Take It No More !! Viewer2 stinks, We Want Better !!

    It is still buggy as heck, but in my mind, it is truly amazing how a small group of enthusiastic individuals have been able accomplish in such a short period of time what LL has not been able to do for well over a year now.

    And as far as the LL SCRUM platform for Project SnowStorm development is concerned, that sounds like something I really do not want to have to pick out of my short's in the morning.

    Time to move forward, Viewer2 is a dead issue. Long Live Viewer3 and FireStorm !

    This is one Kick Butt piece of Client Software, I'm not a programmer, and from what I understand the Open Source V2 code is a total pain in the ass to work with.

    You can Love me or Hate Me, I don't really give a Rat's Ass! Viewer2 SUCK'S / FIRESTORM Rocks, Bug's and all

JayR Cela

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