Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Virtual World Client ~ Imprudence ~ & "The InWorldz Grid" "Part 1"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Several months ago the team that develops the Imprudence Viewer announced a shift away from SL based development in order to place a greater focus on Open Sim based Virtual Worlds. Inworldz happens to be one of them.

    Although they are not HyperGrid enabled at this time, I already have an established account there, opened sometime back in 2009. At that time the place was novel, and quite frankly very boring. Things seem to be changing though. I regularly get E-Mail notices, almost once a day for some sort of special event taking place on InWorldz. This coupled together with a sudden resurgence of development activities of the Imprudence viewer, has prompted me to veer off my usual course today, and take a look around at somewhere besides SL.

    I have used Imprudence, on various occasion's, but found that it just did not appeal to my liking very much. Weither this will change over a period of time is hard to say. One thing is for certain though. The Imprudence Viewer is gaining market share in the rapidly expanding Open Sim universe. As you can see from the following screen shots, it is based on SL Viewer 1.x code, with some added feaures that seem to be geared specifically towards OS and grid hopping in general. ( Multiple pre-configured OS grid selections )

                                                             Pretty standard fare here.
                                            Nothing fancy, just ease of setup.

      Another thing that seems to be certain is, InWorldz is growing, and at a rather rapid clip. 1 year ago they were barley a blip on the radar screen. The on line magazine Hypergrid Business http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/ recently ranked them as # 3 in OpenSim growth for the forth quarter of 2010.


    I'm running out of time for the moment. Stop back later today for Part 2.

JayR Cela :_)

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