Saturday, August 27, 2011

Back with some news

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Have you ever had one of those days? Yeah, me too. They just gnaw on you. And sometimes they don't get better. One of the first friends I had in SL, ended up getting very close to her and had a relationship that spanned from SL to RL, passed away last week. She was a passenger in a pretty bad accident. The driver died at the scene, and my friend suffered some massive injuries. The doctors tried to save her, but in the end all they could do was make her comfortable.

I'm gonna miss her.

And that, among other things, have been the reasons I haven't posted here for some time. So let me try to get back into it.

Phoenix users: you can create prims up to 64x64x64m, which is cool. 64x64 is a 4096 parcel, so it should fit just about everyone's needs. Phoenix will not get mesh. Not unless you write the code, compile it, test it and then submit it to the Phoenix Team. The big reason for this is that mesh is only one of the many current and future features that are "V2", and to try to make Phoenix work with them is asking for much more than is possible for the team. Let's face it, LL abandoned their V1 viewer almost 2 years ago. They've done no development since November 2009. So, unless you write the code, the team are going forward with Firestorm.

Firestorm: ok, V3 is so close now we can taste it. The developers are working so hard to make sure that what they put out works. Of course, Murphy is also on the team and his job is to make sure his laws are enforced, so there will be bugs. But the team are trying to stamp out all the bugs they can, and put in features that are high on their priority list, like mesh and spell check. But they're close. Very close.

SL: Most of you know they fixed that huge problem with setting friends permissions. Well, it was a sort of a wake-up call, letting us know that we all have web profiles. Oh, joy. They're working on privacy options - after the fact - because even people you've muted in-game could still post on your feeds thing and say whatever they wanted until you got a chance to review and delete. Of course, by then it's too late, damage done. So get your ass to your web profile. Log in at, then click the Settings link on the left, and then Privacy at the top.

Oh, and V2 still sucks rocks. Love ya Jay.

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Hitomi Tiponi said...

At this week's Phoenix Hour Jessica Lyon stated that if the developers working on the Cool VL and Singularity Viewers, who are trying to backport mesh viewing code to Viewer 1 based TPVs, are successful then they will add the mesh viewing code into Phoenix. I believe that Henri Beauchamp has already had some success with this on his backport into Cool VL Viewer.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Hitomi

WOW !!!!
That would be very Kool, I have been gradually getting used to V3, but there are a number of feature's in Phoenix I would really miss.

Thank's so much for that information.

*bigg huggs*

JayR :_)

Mister Acacia said...

Mesh is quite the boss battle. I fear though that once a V1 viewer gets mesh the masses will expect and demand that it get all the V2 features that are here or on the way. It's no easy task to backport because too much time has to be spent recoding. In effect, reinventing the wheel.

I wish Henry and Siana much luck and success. And if Phoenix gets to borrow their code, all the better for Phoenix users.