Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SecondLife "Installing or Upgrading To A New Viewer" "A Clean Install" "How Important Is It ?"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    With the looming onset of Mesh becoming the norm in SL some time later this year or by early 2012, we will all be using Viewer2 ( 3 ) or one of the TPV variation's sooner or later. The problem is upgrading can sometime's cause odd or unexpected problem's, usually in some case's the result is blaming the new Viewer or labeling it as being a piece of crap.

    Wither you fit into this category or not, does not matter. A clean Installation is an imperative prerequisite !

    And yes you will have to manually readjust all of your Viewers setting's ( Sorry ) It may be a pain in ass, but believe me it beat's the hell out of an all night hair pulling session as you curse out the Software for being a piece of shit.

    I have found in my experience that the Phoenix / FireStorm Wiki is an absolute must read for all Second Lifer's. Rather than just tell you to go read the Wiki stupid, and stop bothering me with your ignorant problems, I am going to post 3 link's pertinent to performing this procedure correctly.

    Now some of you folk's first reaction may be, I don't use Phoenix or FireStorm, how will this help me ? It does not matter.  All SL Viewers come from the same LL code base, just substitute whatever applies to your particular situation accordingly. 

JayR Cela :_)

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Laura18 Streeter said...

It hlps to save the settings XML file or rename it before the install. Then you can put them all back when done - although this kinda defeats the purpose of "clean" install, it does help!