Thursday, August 4, 2011

SecondLife V2 & TPV's "The Current State Of"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well it has been a year and a half since Viewer 2 arrived on the scene in SL. So far, beside's new recruit's, it has been pretty much of a failure. But what about the Third Party Versions of V2 ? Well for my money there are only two even worth considering. FireStorm and Kirsten's S(21)

    There are numerous bug's in both that may, or may not be directly related to the official LL version's. But progress is being made. Even in the V1.x series the Singularity team is actively working on back-porting many V2 based features, including MESH Support.

     The past 2 weeks, I have spent a considerable amount of time with the FireStorm viewer and Kirsten's S(21)

     For my tastes so far Kirsten's is a bit too bloated with features, I either don't understand or need. The Standard V2 from LL does not offer enough options or user control.

     But Phoenix FireStorm fits nicely in the middle. Easy to use, set up, and I can get it to look and feel very close to V1.x.

     It is still worthless for building. ( I'll continue to use Phoenix for that ) But for everyday bopping around, socializing, shopping etc....

     FireStorm is the hands down winner in my book, so far!

JayR Cela

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