Thursday, August 11, 2011

SecondLife "Viewer3" "Improvement's To Profiles And Not Much Else"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well Selby and I predicted this moth's ago, Viewer2 would eventually become Viewer3. ( Project SnowStorm recently went into 3.x status ) it was simply a matter of running out of  V2.x numbering schemes.

     The UI would hopefully change from a piece of trash. ( Sadly this was not the case )

     But hey !!!  Now you can chat away incessantly with other folk's via Face Book easily, and tweet to your heart's content. Big fricking deal !!!

    The Lab made a ton of money recently, and that's a good thing. Something I find quite unbelievable though, is the lack of the ability of the folk's in charge to comprehend some very basic user need's.

    #1 A Shitty User Interface ( this piece of garbage has got to go ) that needs to be scrapped !
    #2 Still can't mute annoying group chat's ( unless you wisely choose to use Phoenix or FireStorm )
    #3 inability to read V1.x Log Files ( again a Phoenix team exclusive )

You tell me ! I think somebody is out to lunch. So who are the only folk's with a good grip on reality, and can produce a Viewer of high quality, it certainly is not LL. or OZ Linden.

JayR Cela


ZZ BOTTOM said...

All agreeing with your points it looks like they just don't matter.
All we get is V2 stuffed in out mouths and have to keep trusting Tpv's.

Anonymous said...

False news from Phoenix peeps as usual.
Firestorm sucks, it is just an old version of LL viewer 2 code (2.5.x, we are actually at 3.0.1) with some bad changes in GUI to make is similar to v1 but neither well done. They removed the sidebar that is the most useful thing i've found in SL2.x (I work in SL and i stay 90% of my time with sidebar opened dragging things in and out there, accessing friend list, sharing things, WITHOUT to have any floater in my screen. Great!).
The ONLY TPV that deserve a look is Kirstensviewer and it is AWESOME but i don't use it because they made a stupid short sidebar that is worst than original LL, I prefer to have more room in the sidebar).
SL 3.x comes with lot of new things already seen in devel or project viewer (and in TPV of course because they actually use the LL devel and projects viewer (yes people, they want you believe that they develope everything they give you in TPV but instead LL develops almost everything, they just grab the code and give a gui (worst) retouch and say they developed.... lol).
When a viewer has
1. mesh
2. new profiles and social networking
3. direct inventory selling to marketplace (without magic boxes)
4. a enforced graphic engine that allows you to have real shadows in SL and Depth of Field and Global Illumination that works really without crashes.
5. New local weather
6. Temporary uploads
7. New powerful search engine
all things that was not in 2.x but that was added on the run. Well, if you thnk to this you see that actually the 2.8.x viewer is totally different form the original 2.x viewer. And after all the mesh in production grid is a good moment to switch to a new main version and not just a subversion. Mesh is a great improvment and it deserve the 3.x tag. And i am sure they will add much more before the official release of the 3.x viewer. Remember it is stil in devel this means will pass more than 1 month to have it officially.
So please, don't use again false info to push ingenuous people to believe TPV are better. Remember that TPV developers can add what they want to their viewers and they can get your acount and password and IP and you will never know it!
And frankly, compare TPV interfaces with LL interface. I work in photo agency and we use lot of softwares, and i know when a GUI is well done. Omogeneous, Coherent, Consistent. TPV GUIS have not of them. They are made not from pro of graphic. Also the Kirstensviewer that i like. It has a green glassy interface but somewhere the floaters become grey again, expecially when active. The sidebar has green color not consisten in each panel... not good. Green should be green everywhere. And that horrid big green "X" as button to close floaters!
But a blog wrote by a phoenix developer is not the best place to read the truth about LL viewers. It is like to ask to a Mercedes designer if it is better Mercedes or Audi. What do you think could be his answer?

JayR Cela said...

Well there Anonymous / since you refuse to openly publish your name, who is the idiot. I guess it is me, because I actually allowed your sophomoric post some space here on this blog.

So you had your say.

Ya made a complete Jack-Ass of yourself.

Come on back. I'm sure lot's of folk's would just love to read your mindless idiotic statement's.

Too bad ya won't expose your SL name.

JayR Cela

Laura Bondi said...

Starting to insult someone is not the best way to give a better image to your blog. But you shown your wy to be. Maybe I am an idiot, thank you, but at least i am polite.
And as usual this is the way to act of everyone that read the truth and want to transform it in something false.
I didn't shown my name since my google accounte refused to connect to your blog, don't know why. I try again now. But anyway my RL name is Laura Aastha Bondi from Rome. My SL account is Clematide Oyen, my display name is Laura Aastha Bondi (as my RL name, because i've nothing to hide).
Actually I am a builder, DJ, commerciant and scripter in SL.
I love SL since I am a disabled and I like to live here what i can't live in RL.
And I am an idiot.
But a sincere idiot and I don't push others to think false things about LL, just because I am a fan of some other TPV.
If I was a TPV developer I would like to say; I worked hard on this viewer. I used LL code and I added something to fit my tastes. I hope you will like my work, and I thank LL for the code. Instead to denigrate and insult the work of a great company that gives you the world where you live.
To spit in the pot where you eat is not really a good idea.
That's all.

Sorry my bad english, I am italian.
And idiot.