Sunday, August 28, 2011

SecondLife "What's The Future of Viewer3 ?" "StarLight and FireStorm"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Hey this is a plain and simple outcome to what has become a convoluted mess, like it or not V3 is here to stay ( and forget about referring to it as Viewer2 ) That Pony is a dead issue.

    Yeah I just heard through the grapevine Henri Beauchamp ( Cool Viewer ) and Saina Gearz ( The Singularity Viewer ) have had some limited success with back porting Mesh into the SL V1.x code base. And if so the Phoenix team will incorporate it as well. Wish them both * Gracious *

    But I really think it is time to move forward, V3 is here to stay. Hitomi's Starlight Skin, is incredibly awesome, and in my opinion, should just become the standard default install for SL. Come on there Rodvik. Admit it !!!! The UI for V3 SUCK's. Everyone including you knows it.

     Oz Linden did his job, and a good one at that. But for pete's sake, he is a contractor, ( god forbid you actually hired him permanently ) Fire his ass and get someone forward thinking in the helm again.

     Ok, Ok  the real game changer will be the next release of FireStorm. I have limited info on this new release, and at this time am unable to share with you anything.

    But WATCH OUT !!!!!!!

    This will blow the stocking's right off of your grandma's feet !!

JayR Cela

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