Friday, August 5, 2011

"World of Warcraft" " Now ! " "FREE TO PLAY ?"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    OK I know this is way off the beaten path for me, after all most post's that you read here deal with user created Virtual Worlds. WOW does not really fit into that category, for that matter I have never used it, so I can not really describe anything until the FREE Starter Edition finishes downloading.

    That's right you read those word's Free Starter Edition correctly. Blizzard Entertainment and the Battle Net network are offering a free WOW very limited basic account freely available here.

  Do a lil reading, download the setup file, run that and wait a really long, time. It is a 10 Gig installation run over a P2P network.


    This should be fun to try out. I have been hearing for year's that WOW is very cool, and I still pull out a virtual cloned CD version of the original DIABLO, from time to time. This was Blizzard's first really big hit, truly a masterpiece in game design, a true classic. I have been playing the last same quest for the past 7 years. Admitting to only about 1 or 2 hours a month,  I am in no position to make any comment's, other than
                                                                    "I like it."

    I'll look forward to getting back with a follow up on this "World of WarCraft" Free Starter Edition" as soon as possible.

JayR :_)

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