Monday, October 31, 2011

Dolphin Virtual World Viewer

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Time to take a look at yet another V1.x based viewer, seems as if this is yet another fork of the Ascent Viewer, which was 99% based on official  LL code. According to the developer Lance Corrimal.

    The remaining 1% of the code is what makes this viewer so much better and unique. This viewer includes patches contributed by (in alphabetical order): Able Whitman, Aimee Trescothick, Aleric Inglewood, Alissa Sabre, Blakar Ogre, Boroondas Gupte, Carjay McGinnis, Dale Glass, Gigs Taggart, Henri Beauchamp, Jacek Antonelli, JB Kraft, jcool410, Khyota Wulluf, Kitty Barnett, Lance Corrimal, Latif Khalifa, Marine Kelley, McCabe Maxsted, Michelle2 Zenovka, Mm Alder, Nicholaz Beresford, Robin Cornelius, Vadim Bigbear, Zi Ree, Zwagoth Klaar and other, unknown authors.

    Pretty much I consider it to be a darn good rock solid V1.x based choice for either SL or any one of the 38 OpenSim based grids already pre-loaded for you, plus the ability to access your own stand alone grid ( very useful for working and designing while offline ) The initial setup menu's are quite comprehensive and offer more than enough tweaks to keep most advanced users happy.


    Performance is only so,so but it does include some nice feature's including Radar and Area Search.
I was a little disappointed that no AO or Environmental Preset's are included.


    So is it worth the download ? Probably not, and I believe there are no plans for future development, as Lance has really been devoting his time to Dolphin 3.x ( more on that coming soon )

JayR Cela

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