Friday, October 28, 2011

More and less

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More on the dev versions of SL's Viewer.

A side note, I'm not going to refer to Viewer 2 or Viewer 3. It's the SL Viewer. V2 was used to note the difference between their old - and now obsolete - V1, but it's easier to say SL Viewer and SL V1.

So there.

The viewer team have done a lot to make this a better viewer than its predecessor. But it still has some bugs. Scrolling is an issue now. It can be very frustrating because pretty much everywhere you would use scroll, you can't. It's painful, and Firestorm inherited it in their latest non-public version.

Another digression - you don't want to use the non-public versions because it means clearing settings and cache on every install. And I install every single day.

The good thing I'm hearing is that LL is going to focus their energies more on existing problems and less on upgrades and improvement. Let's hope they make good on that.

And I got my pwnie :)

Mister Acacia is offline

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