Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New UI, but not enough

Mister Acacia is online

So Like Jay posted, the development version of LL's viewer does sport a new interface. Gone are sidebars, in their place are three configurable button panels along the sides and bottom. Works pretty well.

The nearby chat starts in reduced style, meaning the chat will show up as toasts, or you can expand it and get the old chat history panel.

They put notices to the top right. A big win because that's where they belong. But it's a lose because notices don't stack, they still wind up in the chiclet, which is also in the top right, along with IM chiclets. And IMs show up there, which isn't bad, but you can't dock IMs and nearby chat into the same panel.

And the camera floater is farging huge.

And their awful chalkboard color scheme is still there.

And it's crashing for me while all other viewers are stable. Please don't remind me that it's a development version. Firestorm's preview 1, not even an alpha version, was more stable.

But it's s step in the right direction.

Mister Acacia is offline

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