Sunday, October 30, 2011

SecondLife : Mesh Clothing : The Parametric Deformer

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Yet another CrowdSource funded project headed by Maxwell Graf of RUSTICA Home Furnishings in SL who took it upon himself to get this project started. The Parametric Deformer, basically it will solve the annoying problem clothing designer's are facing when their customer's purchase a mesh garment, only to realize that they must alter their body shape in order for the clothing to fit properly. This has been a well know issue in SL during beta testing for quite some time now, and the Lab has no intention of trying to solve it any time soon, if at all. Maxwell took it upon himself to see what exactly could be done to resolve the problem.

    So what is a Parametric Deformer ? Basically it is a sort of invisible cage that hovers just around your body's current shape at an extremely small distance, and has the exact same dimensions. You don a piece of Mesh clothing and it will literally shrink wrap itself around the cage. Pretty darn good idea if you ask me.

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