Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SecondLife "Why You Should Switch To Phoenix FireStorm Now !!"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    All you folk's out there that are V1.x people. Give it up !

     The Viewer 1.x series is a dead issue.

     The lackluster Imprudence Viewer 1.4 Beta2 prove's that. And for that matter the Singularity and Cool Viewer do so as well.

     It would be like MicroSoft trying to continue support for the Windows 98 platform  until the end of time. There has got to be a line in the sand drawn somewhere.

      If your a LL Viewer 3 user and you have not taken the time to try Hitomi Tiponi's StarLight skin mod. Shame on you. It's the User Interface that makes all the difference in the world, and Hitomi has already conributed so much to the SL community as far as V3 enhancement's goes it is utterly unbelievable.

      But back to the point at hand.

     LL so it seem's, is not in the business of making a user rich experience as far as the Viewer is concerned, this in my opinion is a huge mistake. But who care's. The Lab is in the business of making money, attracting new user's, and retaining them. Well how can you retain potential customer when you have a shitty User Interface. Let's get real here, the Viewer3 UI is a piece of crap. Plain and simple. The Side Bar was and is a horrible idea, dock and un-dock, who the hell came up with that idiotic idea. The fact that you can not read legacy chat and IM file's is an unacceptable plain middle finger right in the face of long time SL resident's

      Good for them, it is the American Capitalist way But they are SCREWING UP BIG TIME with this horrible User Interface developed for Viewer3. Why they won't just adopt the StarLight skin as an available option is totally beyond me.

     But so as far as the lab is concerned the official Viewer 3 makes perfect sense. The SnowStorm and Beta team's iron out all the bug's, the code is open source, they release the code, and let the Third Party Developer's iron out all of the cosmetic differences, the desires and extra feature's that the more experienced user's actually want and use on a regular basis are left up to the TPV's to handle

    So is FireStorm a perfect Viewer ? NO  !!!

    It has a ton of bug's and issues that are still being addressed.

    So why should you switch ?

    That's an easy question to answer. The goal is to make the much more easy to code for V3 base viewer act and respond to your need's as closely to the Phoenix Viewer as they can.  You may as well just get use to it now.
JayR Cela

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