Thursday, December 1, 2011

SecondLife : Niran's Viewer Build 8 Beta 5A : First Impression's

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Let me start out by saying, I have never seen anything like this to date yet. Talk about thinking outside of the box, LOL :_) Niranv has just blown me completely away. This viewer is so different from anything else out there, it is difficult to explain.

    Is it worth the download ? Hell yeah it is, just be prepared to have your mind a bit boggled. The level's of  customization, are intense to say the least. The initial installation is not in English, and does not create a desktop icon, so you will need to open Windows Explorer and go to Program Files > Nirans Viewer and drag a short cut to your desktop.

      Everything is completely different in the Preferences setup menu.

      I talk wit Niranv on an almost daily basis, and he readily admits that there are a number of features still unfinished. But man the graphic's capabilities on this thing are incredible. If you have been following this Blog, you will recall some odd ball problems with the recent Open GL fixes recently introduced by LL. Well according to Niranv all of those fixes are based on old Open GL code, so he has stripped them out completely, and replaced them with the most recent OGL. And let me tell ya, it does not improve FPS but things rezz almost instantaneously.

     The User Interface is defiantly bizarre, and since this is still a Beta release, unfinished.

      But I have never seen things rezz so quickly in SL before. And quite frankly I was unaware of old Open GL and new Open GL. Whatever the case may be, the recent OGL fixes recently introduced by LL need to be thrown into the trash can, they are causing all sorts of odd ball problems.

    Thanks Niranv  / You can download your copy here ( Windows Only )

JayR Cela :_)

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