Monday, December 26, 2011

SecondLife : Phoenix FireStorm Goes to Version 4 : Leaves Everyone Else In The Dust

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok due to a verbal NDA I am unable to provide screenshots or much information about the next release of the upcoming Phoenix FireStorm Viewer for SL and other various virtual worlds.

     But I can tell you this much, the next version will leave everyone else in the dust !

     Yes they skipped the V3.2.x naming convention, and for good reason.

     This is Viewer 4

JayR Cela :_)


NiranV Dean said...

ROFL´s hard

Firestorm is even if its one of the active´st of TPV´s its often very "outdated" and suddenly they want to leave everyone in the dust? xD just because they call it V4? looool

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Niran

Well you can laugh all you want to, but the latest nightly build is rock solid stable and has features no other TPV's have, including yours.

For instance the ability to adjust your jewelry while wearing it via numbers while in the edit mode, the ability to selectively mute individual group chats, also able to read older V1.x log files.

Stellar FPS performance. Has a well thought out and designed UI.

And it also works well on older PC configurations.

None of these witch your particular version of V3 happens to do very well.

So pick your self up off the floor and wake up. You just been smoked.


Jessicka said...

Firestorm was better than V3 by a small margin, but if they didn't bother dabbling deeper into visually-V1-style, then it'll still have awhile to go.

If people are still bitching about FPS and crashing, then they need to learn to use a smaller draw and lower rendering settings; I've been playing since 2006, I haven't crashed more than a handful of times in nearly 6 years, involving user-side issues - Only viewer issues/known bugs/etc.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Jessicka, I have been around SL since 2005, and quite frankly I am sad to see the V1.x series viewers go away.

I do quite a bit of testing, as you can obviously see by reading this blog.

So far I have settled on FireStorm as my viewer of choice.

But to each their own, use the one you like the best

JayR :_)

Jessicka said...

The thing I didn't get, was one or two of the Firestorm Dev's said that trying to imitate a V1-similar HUD is 'impossible' or next to impossible. I see other viewers doing some pretty wild things, but it doesn't look like the FS/P team wants to even try it (as it's already deemed far too hard). Makes me curious indeed...

And I only mentioned the year because of people STILL bitching about crashing and FPS. People want to have graphics their computer can't handle, and to have optimum FPS without crashing >_> Burning the candle at both ends.

I ran V3, FS, and Singularity on a 6 year old dual-core 1.86ghz processor with a Nvidia 5700 (I think) graphics card - 2gb of ram. For most of this year. Never crashed, never dipped below 15-20fps in a high-volume sim. (it's the same PC I used when I started SL xD)

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Jessicka

I think you are missing the point here, when LL decided to move to Viewer2 now Viewer3 they literary gutted all most all of the functionality, I'm talking mostly about building functions

The FireStorm team is not trying to duplicate a V1.x User Interface, What they are doing is restoring some sanity back into the V3 engine. And returning a number of functions that the Lab haphazardly and foolishly gutted, making V2 - V3 a virtual piece of worthless garbage.

Hell if we all wanted a V1.x UI, Then you and I would all still be using Windows 95. So that's not gonna happen, nor should it.

JayR Cela

Jessicka said...

I'm well aware of the V2 fiasco, I was there - That's why I, and most players stayed with V1-viewers.

I know the Firestorm team is not trying to duplicate the V1 UI - I'm saying they should try. They say it's 'impossible' to get anything looking like it, despite the bleeding-edge LL-V3 is getting close.

I applaud the efforts of the FS team to return all that they can back to V3, but even they are well aware that it's not just the features that people are forlorn about.

Not everyone wants V1 UI. Just the large majority of players, is all. (At least according to numbers posted on Inara's blog)

So I take it you're actually not sad to see the V1 series go away?

JayR Cela said...

Hi there again Jessicka
In response

"So I take it you're actually not sad to see the V1 series go away?"

Nope,not at all. Sorry :(

JayR Cela