Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SecondLife : "Why Does Viewer3 Suck ?" "Why Do Most People Continue To Use Phoenix ?"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    It's rather obvious to many long time SL resident's that, V3 is a no-show in so many respect's. I am completely disgusted. An over sized camera control. An inability to selectively mute group chats. An inability to read legacy log files. Inability to edit your jewelry other than the arrow thingy's. Idiotic piece meal attempt's to correct problems that should have never been created in the first place.

    Everywhere I visit, I'm not sure of the actual percentage, but most people are using Phoenix, or FireStorm. That is except for the noob's that just don't know any better.

    As an example I just took a look at the recent Dolphin 3.2.x release. I'm probably  gonna piss a number of people off in the next few days as i rip a new A-Hole into any attempts to prove to me that Viewer2 -V3 was a wise investment on the Lab's part.

    Ok so supposedly the code base is more modular. Big deal ! Henri Beauchamp has proven that the majority of features can be, and have been back ported into the V1.x based code.

    Do you really wanna look at this horrendous clutter ?

JayR Cela :(

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