Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Virtual Worlds : New Phoenix And FireStorm Released

By Avatar JayR Cela

    It has taken me a while to express my views on the new release of the two virtual world viewers, Phoenix and FireStorm, so here we go.

    I had some reoccurring problems with Firestorm, a loss of the majority of my settings was quite annoying, not really that big of an issue. What did strike me as a major concern, is that my monitor just kept shutting down.

    Just a blank screen, totally dead after several minutes. This is the only program I have ever come across that seems to cause this problem.

    I ended up installing a Nividia driver  version from several years ago.

    And let me tell ya, uninstalling a newer Nvidia driver is a complete nightmare, this bloated software on a Windows based machine is absolutely a pain in the ass. And trying to clean your registry afterwards, well you may as well just set aside an entire day digging through MicroSoft mayhem registry hell.

    Phoenix on the other hand runs flawlessly, consumes less memory on both Windows and Linux perfectly.

    So what does this tell you ?

    You be the judge

JayR Cela

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