Thursday, November 3, 2011

SecondLife : The Feud is Over : I'm Allowed Back Into The SnowStorm Meetings

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Wow, this really make's me happy. Because of my arrogance and slap happy big mouth, several months ago I was banned from Hippotropolis Island and the Project SnowStorm meeting's. I have no one to blame but myself for this. But time usually does heal all wounds.

    SO that means I will be able to keep readers of this Blog more up to date on what is actually happening in SL and the new User Interface. And I gotta tell ya, the improvement's are wonderful.

    Ya gotta look at it this way, Oz Linden's job, is stability. Make the viewer as rock solid as possible, that goal has been more than accomplished. Now we have a new UI that really rock's, if ya have not tried it out yet, you will be seeing it soon. There are some ruff edges that still need to be caressed, Hitomi Tiponi will more and likely put the final icing on the cake.

    And ya can expect a lot more SnowStorm news's here. If ya have not tried it out yet, here's the link.

JayR Cela :_)


Hitomi Tiponi said...

This also ties in with them dropping the daily Scrum meetings and also abolishing their goals and aims.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Hitomi

I been outta the inner loop for a while now, so I was not aware of the fact, daily Scrum meeting's had been discontinued.

As far as aim's and goal's are concerned I'm not sure they ever really had any, besides stability. And that objective seem's to clearly have been met. I'm basing this assumption on the fact we now have a new UI in the works.

Kinda odd this new User Interface introduction coincides shortly after the hiring of the new guy formerly from Electronic Art's "Will Wright".

Well 3 month's afterward's is not exactly a short period of time. But it doe's prove the point I been trying to make for a long time now. Viewer 2~3 was a really crappy idea to begin with.

JayR Cela