Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SecondLife : Phoenix FireStorm V3.2.1.24179 vs. V3.2.2.24336

By Avatar JayR Cela

    As far as these two versions are concerned, which one should you install ? I am going to express my opinion's, and my opinion's only. I am not an official member of the FS development team, and your experience's may differ from mine.

    During the past week and a half I have been testing the nightly builds leading up to the official release. In that period of time I continually had problems with Anti-Aliasing artifacts on some, but not all horizontal prim edges appearing with jaggies. This same problem, was visible in the final version as well, but not

     Here is the problem, 24336 the one with the Open GL extensions was extremely slow with rendering, and I mean really, really slow. I went to a popular night club last night with about 30 avatars present, after 40 minutes I was still seeing grey textures. Extremely frustrated I logged out and fired up the standard Phoenix viewer. Every thing came into sharp focus in less than 1 minute. But .24179 although much faster at rendering had those annoying jaggies.

    So I tried something completely against my usual better judgement. After doing a through cleaning as per the Phoenix Web Page instructions, I installed FS V3.2.2.24336, got everything set as I like in preferences, logged out and installed V3.2.1.24179 on top of

     I know this is breaking the rules, but dammit it worked ! No more jaggies, and faster rendering. The closest thing I can even guess at is Nvidia video driver problems, as this was happening on two different computers, one with a 7300GT  512mb ram, and a G-Force 210 with 512mb ram as well.

    I think I recall something being mentioned during one of The Phoenix Hour meetings regarding problems with the most recent Nvidia drivers 265.x and up. I was using 275.x and 285.x

    I have not tried rolling back to the 24x.x series yet, and I don't think I am going to either. All I know or care about right now, is this oddball runaround installation procedure solved my problem.

JayR Cela ????????

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