Tuesday, November 29, 2011

SecondLife : Region Re-Start Mania : Open GL Fix's Causing Major Problems

By Avatar JayR Cela

     This seems to be happening on a regular basis lately, and it is really pissing me off ! The slap happy server team at LL is restarting servers left and right. With and without notice, it would be nice if they would stick with a schedule of some sort.

    Right in the middle of a beautiful concert by Eclectic Musician, Cypress Rosewood's solo show in the LEA Sim. BAMMM!!! / Region Restart :(

    So during this ongoing fantastic concert, and beautiful light show,  we get no notice what soever from the Lab that the sim is about to restart. That is besides the Sim owner who alerted us him self.

    So I teleported back to Cathy & mines home, and several minutes later, guess what ? the same thing, region restart.

     This just exposes the utter incompetence of the people that did the original development work on Viewer2 and now Viewer3. And I'm talking about replacing the old Viewer 1.x style warnings with these ridiculous Toast's messages that appear briefly in the lower right hand corner of your screen for several seconds and then fade away into small icon's on the bottom work bar.

     What if you walk away from your computer for a bit, miss the message, and see these little tiny annoyances cluttering up the lower right hand corner of your screen. Hell I just usually end up deleting them !

     Don't get me wrong, Oz Linden ( LL ) Hitomi Tiponi ( Starlight ) Niranv.Dean ( Niranv's Viewer)  and Jessica Lyon of Phoenix Firestorm, are all working very hard to restore some sanity to what LL completly botched up.

     In the first place Viewer2 never, ever should have been released.in the first place. I understand that the goal was to attract and retain new potential customers via a simplified User Interface. But for crying out loud, change is not always a good thing. Especially when ya screw it up so badly !

     Henri Beauchamp ( Cool Viewer ) has managed to miraculously  back port just about everything into the V1.x series of SL viewers, except Media on a Prim, and who gives a crap about that worthless feature anyways ?

    Couple this with the inability to read stored Log Files in your history when you are contacting someone using a legacy Viewer V1.x series, that you may not have talked to in several weeks, months, years. And you can not recall the previous history of your last conversation. Well this is due to the insipid User Name, Display Name idiotic idea that literary broke numerous things in SL

    From what I have heard so far, the Lab is quietly rolling back the server software. Another thing I heard is all the Open GL fixes recently introduced are based on extremely outdated OGL standards.

    Do I come off as an extremely agitated person ? Your darn right I do, and I will continue to be fair and honest with expressing my opinion's until my congestive diseased heart gives out.

JayR Cela :(


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