Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SecondLife : Why Such Disregard For Older Computer Hardware ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    I'm not sure why the new SL standard viewer has such dismal performance when it comes to FPS performance, but if this is the future of SecondLife, I'm outta here soon. These guy's are killing themselves by releasing such poorly performing software.

    So I decided to give the new StarLight mod for SL a try. I defiantly like the various skin options available, but performance is still in the dumpster. I wish I could just run out and buy or build a new computer. How ever mounting medical cost's ( no thank's to the Republican's ) and the fact I may not even be alive much longer makes this impractical.

    Today I tried out the newest Starlight skin mod, it really look's fantastic. But if I can only get 3FPS what good is it ? It's good for absolutely nothing ! Yes it has a much smaller camera control, ( I still do not understand why LL insist's upon using the horrible and way over sized one that they currently use ) But this new SL viewer really suck's, when it comes to performance.

JayR :(


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