Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Browser Based : Soul Of Guardian : Free To Play Game

By Avatar JayR Cela

        I told ya I'd be back with more Browser Based Gaming coverage, Soul of Guardian has been winning awards left and right lately, and it is easy to see why. I think any one from about 12 years old on up can enjoy this rather laid back Turn Based MMO.

    If you are into FPS or Hack & Slash type stuff, this game is not for you. That much being said if you enjoy exploring and solving puzzles and taking on quest's this may be right up your alley. The initial game play start's off at a deceptively simple pace, and gradually progresses drawing you into the massive story line.

     Another thing that makes this game extremely attractive is the fact that you can log in from your Face Book account, and that is very cool because the official website log-in procedure via the publisher's web-site is a total disaster.

    So here is another wonderful time waster FTP Browser Based game. It is definitely interesting and fun, being that it is turn based, you can relax a lil bit more than some of the other games I have tried lately that are in real time. After spending some time with SOG I have to admit I see no compelling reason to continue playing it. Oh Well :(

    As far as the Best Action RPG of 2012 is concerned, my guess would be that the people polled for this award were in the 12 to 14 year old age bracket. And for them it is an excellent choice, as it does require use of a semi high level of concentration. I would definitely recommend this if you have some young one's.

     Watch out though, as with all FTP games, browser based or otherwise, the publishers want to sell you virtual goods and currency.

    Keeping that in mind, I still feel it is worth taking a look at.

JayR Cela :_)

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