Sunday, August 5, 2012

SecondLife : The Lab Settles Into a Solid Schedule : Rolling Restarts

By Avatar JayR Cela

     Well finally the Lab seem's to have setteled into a somewhat steady and perdictable Rolling Restart Schedule. Thank Goodness !

     As far as I can tell, Tuesdays will be the SL Server Deploy day starting at 5:00 am PDT an on Wednesday's will have consecutive Magnum, Blue Steel and LeTigre rolling restart's beginning at 7:00 am PDT.

    Unfortunately this will be a inconvenience to a large number of European customers that are planning event's, but you may as well get used to it, because from the look's of the calendar, this schedule is going to last until well into the next year, perhaps indefinitely, take a look here.   

    I can say this much, it's a good move on their part to at least have a steady schedule finally !

JayR Cela

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