Saturday, August 4, 2012

SecondLife : Temp On Rez Devices : Evil or Life Savers ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok if you are new to SL you may never have heard of a TOR device, basically it allows you to fit more stuff onto your sim or parcel of land that what the Lab will allow. How do they do this ? It's pretty simple actually, every so often the servers at LL do a culling of object's on every sim. The Temp on Rez device rely's on a script placed into certain objects that are Mod & Copy, and when the LL servers do their thing, the object(s) simply disappear for a few milliseconds. Pretty neat eh ?

    Yeah maybe, the more script's you have running in a sim, the more lag is created, not to mention that these things routinely break on a somewhat regular basis, especially with all of the rolling simulator restarts going on lately.

    Your best bet is to use these devices sparingly, and don't freak out when they break.

    They are not Evil, nor are they Life Savers when you are running out of the puny amount of overpriced object's the Lab allows per simulator. But screw em ! LL needs to not only up the amount of prims allowable on each parcel, they also need to lower their tier prices, when that happens we will not need these hack'ed workarounds.

JayR Cela

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Mister Acacia said...

Temp on rez isn't so much a lag producer from scripts. It has one script, which functions only once per minute (or 55-59 seconds, depending on who built it). It rezzes objects that are inside its prim. Those objects are temporary objects, and as you say when the server does a sweep, once a minute, it deletes them. Of course, the act of deleting and recreating prims once per minute is also a load on the server and everyone who has to re-render the new objects.

But temp prims do count against the region total, so if you go over your allotment you're taking away from someone else. And if the region is near full, temp prims could cause the region to have issues.