Friday, August 24, 2012

Virtual World Viewer's : Phoenix - FireStorm : Opens Their Own Island In SecondLife : Celebration Party Open To Public

By Avatar JayR Cela

    It's no hidden secret that if you are a SL resident, chances are pretty good that you have used or are using either the Phoenix or FireStorm viewer. Well the team has decided to open their own island in SecondLife, and is throwing an Open House Party this Saturday at 12:00pm PDT ( SLT )  Here is the invitation note card sent to all Phoenix/FireStorm group members yesterday.

On Saturday August 25th we will be opening our tutorial rich region "Phoenix Firestorm Support" Open to the public with an open house party.

The region was designed with simplicity in mind by providing a universally, visually pleasing, learning environment without creating distractions from the educational tutorials.

The region will serve two purposes, the first is to provide a support hub to which we can help our own users new and old on the Firestorm viewer. The second is to provide a support center to which pre-existing mentors in SL can use to help other residents. The RHN, White Tiger Mentors, Mental Mentors and others have been invited to use the region at their discretion. Although the tutorials are designed for Firestorm they can also be used for any V3 based viewer including the Second Life client.

In short... We want to share this region with the helpful people of Second life so that they can further help new and old users alike. Our mission at the phoenix firestorm project is "To improve the user experience". This region is a support initiative towards that goal. We are using the extra money we get from Google adsense to pay for the region to help our users and provide a location for other helpful people to help others. No strings attached, no ulterior motives. 

The open house will be held at noon SLT, Saturday, August 25th. There will be a breif speech by myself and then a live DJ. Hope to see you there!


Jessica Lyon
Project Manager
The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc.

    That much being said, I decided to drop on by for an early look around.

In order to easily find it, simply open your SL Map and in the Search box type in Phoenix Firestorm Support, then in the X-Y-Z coordinate's enter 60, 126, 35
 This will take you to the landing zone area.

I plan on being there, hope you will be too. JayR Cela :_)

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