Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Virtual Worlds : And Widows 8 : What's Gonna Happen ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well everybody seem's to be waiting for the retail version of Windows 8. I had the Consumer Preview version installed for about a month or so. I did not really care to much for the new Metro UI.

    Granted I did not have an opportunity to try it out on a Tablet Device, but bypassing Metro was easy enough to get around, and I found it to be very much like Win 7

    I was able to run a number of games, either in Native or via Compatibility mode, and the 40$ asking price for an upgrade on any installation of Windows from XP on up is a very reasonable price. Ya just gotta make sure your computer will run it. I was able to run the Consumer Preview version, but the Release Preview would not.

    There are a bunch of cracked Win 8 RTM's floating around, but let's get real, until January 31, 2013 Windows 8 will be available at  40$, why even bother risking screwing up your rig with a pirated copy.

    MicroSoft finally got the right idea, and it comes straight out of Apple Computers playbook.

    Make Upgrading Affordable !

    Personally I think MS should just leave the 40$ price in place.

    Anyway's I had no problems running numerous SecondLife viewers 1.x and 3.x, while testing the W8 CP, I believe I needed to use the compatibility mode once or twice.

    The only real gripe I had was the Boot Loader, that sucker was impossible for me to get rid of, until I got so fed up I ended  up wiping the drive and doing a fresh install.

    LOL / That was fun :_)

    Anyway's, I think I'll wait until Service Pack 1 start's making the round's, and hopefully MS will keep the 40$ upgrade price permanent.

JayR Cela :_)

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