Monday, August 6, 2012

Virtual Worlds : Will Open Sim Kill SecondLife ?

By Avatar JayR Cela

    More and likely Yes ! My closest guess is somewhere mid 2014 is that SL will become completely irrelevant, a has been, washed up, hang it out to dry, could of been the greatest social VW ever created.

    It is beyond my ability to comprehend, why LL does not embrace Open Sim and Hyper Grid, but I do not work within the inner circle's, I am just an observer. Looking in from the outside it is very easy to be critical, and lord knows I do plenty of criticizing.

    It must be rather embarrassing  that the official viewer for SL is seldom used by a large majority of Avatars in their Virtual World, but the Lab seems to be Hell bent on closing themselves off from the inevitable.

    there are a number of things the Lab can do in order to stem the gradual flow outwards, and I know I will get criticized for saying so,but they gotta lower tier prices, and increase the amount of prim's allowable per parcel.

    I doubt this will happen anytime soon, if at all, kinda reminds me of a spoiled child sitting in a corner and sulking that no one want's to play with him ( her ) anymore.

    Oh Well, you can possibly make a difference by attending what little is left of the LL, SL meetings, here is a link to the calendar.

JayR :_)

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