Friday, July 1, 2011

Open Sim~OSgrid "Switching Viewers"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Ok here's the deal, I am a new OSgrid user, and I do not own any land, in other word's I am unable to create an .iar ( back-up ) file of my avatar's inventory. I know this sound's a bit odd, but apparently this seemingly simple thing may end up causing me to loose everything I have done within the past 2 day's. So I fire up the Imprudence viewer, and point it to seek out my cache to D:\SingCache ( the location of my Singularity viewers OSg cache location.

     Oh-Oh, major warning bell's go off, yes any time you make a change to the viewer cache location, all viewers will automatically clear it.

     So I am taking two percaution's, first I am making a copy ( backup ) of the current D:\SingCache directory, and I will also use the Windows System Restore feature.

    At this point I believe I should have my ass sufficiently covered.

    Call me paranoid if you like, but the prospect of loosing two days worth of avatar free-bee shopping, and having to start over completely bum's me right out :(

     Ok I made the switch, pretty much intact without having to use my backup Cache, LOL now I' really confused, just where and the heck is my inventory stored at ?

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