Friday, July 22, 2011

SecondLife "The Lab Release's Mesh to Portion's of the Main Grid"

By JayR Cela

    Yesterday LL released V2.8.1.236285 ~or~Mesh Project Viewer, as a Release Candidate. That means portions of the Main Grid are currently, and more will gradually become Mesh enabled.

 You can download it here. 
 And find relevant articles here.


     It has the same usual poorly designed User Interface, as the Standard Viewer2, crappy camera control, inability to mute group chat's, and the wretched sidebar.

     But let me backtrack here for a bit. It's clear to most everyone, the Lab's main job is to lay the ground work, and do the hard stuff, get their hand's deep and dirty into the viewer code. If you don't care for the UI or available feature set of the standard LL V2, there are already several popular TPV's available. One oh them already includes Mesh.

   The Kirsten viewer has been gradually incorporating mesh capabilities into their S(21) series for quite some time now. A superior User Interface, along with a ton of extra tweak's and features as well.


      Here is the link
      There is also the Dolphin Viewer, which is just your standard Viewer2 with some modification's that according to the official blog are geared towards people that enjoy driving vehicles in SL.



     The Dolphin Home Page is here    
     There is The FireStorm Viewer from the Phoenix Team, currently this is defiantly my personal favorite, for 3 reasons completely overlooked by the above three. The excellent camera controls, the ability to mute group chat's, and I can still read my legacy chat log's from the old V1.x series without being forced to open a separate text editor. I also feel the the User Interface is by far the best I have experienced so far.


    Phoenix FireStorm Home Page

    Eventually all V2 based TPV's will have Mesh enabled. Personally I would not be holding my breath on LL's ability to get this up and running smoothly overnight, or anytime soon for that matter.

JayR Cela


Hitomi Tiponi said...

Mesh is now on the Main Grid in various test regions.

To prove it here is a pic of a mesh duck created by Oskar Linden, with a 64 metre NORMAL prim (not a megaprim, you can have prims up to 64 metres now) cage around it that I put there - Mesh Sandbox 5.

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Hitomi, Thanks *bigg huggs*
JayR :_)