Friday, July 15, 2011

SecondLife "Linden Lab Are They Desperate ?" "~and~ "Ya Can't Shut Me Up !"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well this is a new one on me. A Linden offering to sell me land, check this out.
Someone, supposedly a LL employee opens a conversation with me, asking if I would like to purchase more virtual land.

    I tell him I cannot afford it right now, but ask for him to

    I have been a loyal paying customer for almost 6 years

     So because I pissed off some pinhead on the SnowStorm Project, I get banned from access to certain LL location's. This is hardly what I would consider to be customer service.

09:57]  Guy Linden: Hello JayR, are you here?  I see you are just using 512m land, but you have the 4096m preapproved.  Are you interested in any additional land in Buckler?  I can help you with new land at L$1 per meter and hopefully optimize any new tier usage
[10:27]  You: hello there Guy
[10:27]  Guy Linden: hi
[10:27]  Guy Linden: no worries, just an offer since i have land next to you available
[10:28]  You: currently I am not able to afford anything extra
[10:29]  Guy Linden: ok, np at all.
[10:29]  Guy Linden: thanks for hte reply.
[10:29]  Guy Linden: have a good day
[10:29]  You: you 2
[10:33]  You: oh you could possibly help me out with something
[10:35]  You: UN-BAN ME from Hippotropolis Island
[10:44]  You: if you can do that then yes / i will purchase more land
[10:56]  You: u still there ?
[11:06]  Guy Linden: sorry, I am not able to assist with that.  you will need to dicuss that with the island owner.
[11:12]  You: the Lindens own it
[11:13]  Guy Linden: sorry, I am not able to assist with that.  you will need to dicuss that with the island owner.
[11:13]  Guy Linden: I cant help with ban lists, I really dont see what that has to do with you not wanting more land and prims at your location.  sorry I could not help.
[11:14]  You: :(

    They stuff this piece of trash Viewer2 down our throats, kill search function's, now I got some asshole trying to sell me land.

They can BAN Me

But I'm not going away  !!

JayR Cela


Anonymous said...

In case you did not know, Guy Linden deals solely with reclaiming and putting to auction abandoned land (because before when land was abandoned it did not automatically go for sale at L$1/m like it does now).

JayR Cela said...

Well good for him / now he is a door to door vacume cleaner salesman :(


JayR Cela said...

P.S. I spent years in sales, retail and other types, when a sales person seeks you out with a great deal, usually something is wrong with the scenario. :(