Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SecondLife "New Phoenix FireStorm Beta 2 Released" "Lack's A Grid Manager" "No Access To Open Sim Grid's"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Well the new Phoenix FireStorm Beta 2 was released yesterday. It is very close to the Phoenix Viewer when it comes to look's and usability. However it lacks a Grid Manager, the option is there in the Preference's Menu, but it does not function.

    This is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT to me :(

    I am unable to use FireStorm to log into Open Sim Grids, it is beyond me how this error slipped by the developers. For the time being FireStorm is completely worthless to me.

JayR Cela :(


salahzar said...

Hi, I am able to login into opensim with firestorm.
Just use the ooold trick of -loginuri http://localhost:9000/ when launching it
it is a bit unconvenient, but since opensim is not fully viewer2.0 compliant it is understandable why firestorm has some problems and probably they don't want to be distracted by opensim incompatibilities right now...

Tonya Souther said...

We are planning OpenSim compatibility for a future release. For now, we're concentrating on making the best viewer in Second Life. Just getting to where we are now has been a monumental undertaking.

The grid manager that's there is intended only for use with SL beta grids - since it's the same code as is in Viewer 2. LL doesn't care about OpenSim grids, obviously.

We haven't forgotten you. We just need to prioritize.

JayR Cela said...

Hi There Tonya and salahzar / thanks for getting back with me and posting your comment's

I'll just wait for now

*bigg huggs*

JayR :_)

Anonymous said...

For some reason I am not able to log into he SL beta grid, the main grid with no problems.

Serendipity Seraph said...

For me the big excitement of Firestorm is to have a non-SL viewer capable of media on prim for use on OpenSim grids. So having a grid manager that works fine with opensim grid (as do those in many other viewers) is important. If any help is needed banging on using Firestorm in opensim please drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

i am unable to veiw media on the firestorm any suggestions

JayR Cela said...

Hi there Anonymous

I am assuming that you are using a Windows or a Mac box, and have QuickTime installed, and are referring to Streaming Video show's like those on Treet TV in SL.

If your using Linux, forget it, it will more and likely never work.

So if I am correct, open the FireStorm Preferences menu, look for the Audio Video setting's tab, and make sure you have placed a check mark in the appropriate box's

If you are talking about Media on a Prim, there are instruction's for that the FireStorm web page.

Best of luck.

JayR Cela