Friday, July 15, 2011

SecondLife "SPACEJUNKY~Makes A Long Awaited Return"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    Oh My, for me this is BIGG NEWS, my favorite band, and people, have returned to SecondLife !

     I'll be up all night taking pictures, and posting them here.

    This group is Really Kick Ass. You Absolutely Have Got To See Them !

    Here is my conversation with my sister Shakti, you can find the LandMark below

[14:39]  Shakti Cianci: Hi JayR....hugs
[14:39]  Shakti Cianci: can you remind me what keys i have to press to link objects? my brain is failing me
[14:39]  Shakti Cianci: lol
[14:39]  Shakti Cianci: thanks!
[16:51]  You: hi sis / linking object's
[16:52]  You: whay viewer r u using ?
[16:53]  You: most work by holdind down the SHIFT KEY.....
[16:54]  You: clicking on the objects
[16:54]  You: the edit window should be open
[16:55]  Shakti Cianci: hey
[16:55]  Shakti Cianci: is ok I found it
[16:55]  Shakti Cianci: lol
[16:55]  Shakti Cianci: thanks
[16:55]  You: then you just link them
[16:55]  Shakti Cianci: :-))
[16:55]  You: oh / kool
[16:56]  You: i'll look forward to seeing you and the crew this evening *bigg huggs* :_)
[16:57]  Shakti Cianci: yay
[16:57]  Shakti Cianci: hugs
[16:57]  You: see ya there / luv u :_)
[17:06]  Shakti Cianci: :-)
[17:07]  You: :_)
[17:10]  You: I'll be there taking a bunch of picture's, you can read my review in the morning .....
[17:11]  Shakti Cianci: yay
[17:11]  You:
[17:11]  Shakti Cianci: post me the link after you have done it and I will post to our groups
[17:11]  Shakti Cianci: send to me on a notecard later JayR
[17:11]  You: ok sis / luv u
[17:11]  Shakti Cianci:
[17:11]  Shakti Cianci: thats our fb page too
[17:11]  Shakti Cianci: :-)
[17:11]  Shakti Cianci: love you too

JayR Cela :_)

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