Thursday, July 14, 2011

Talk about shoot first ... or ... LL screwed another pooch

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Need I say more? If you're not using a viewer that today uses web profiles, you can't give or take rights from your friends.

Not only did LL immediately alienate all their V1-based users (Imprudence, Phoenix, Ascent, Dolphin V1), they've alienated tens of thousands of V2-based users as well. In fact, Oskar stated it affects every user who is NOT using their latest SLV2.

This at a time when their stats puts Phoenix Viewer atop the list as the best viewer.

Oskar posted a workaround, but it's only useful if you have one, or maybe two friends to change.

And did LL announce this? Nope. Is it a problem or a planned change? Hard to say since LL isn't telling. I strongly encourage you all to go here, Watch, Vote and comment on this issue. It needs to be bumped higher than any previous issue because they won't be correlating their user losses with this issue. And if they're not stopped, I have a feeling it will get worse and every TPV will be disabled to extinction.

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Mister Acacia said...

My grapevine reports that this problem was not intentional and that it is being addressed. I trust the grapevine and the grapevine trusts their LL source.