Friday, July 22, 2011

Two New Machnima's just posted on The VWTechnologist Channel "THE FURRY KILLER" & "SHAKE ME DOWN"

By Avatar JayR Cela

    The Furry Killer 
From: jjccccc  | Jul 22, 2011  | 69 views
It you get scared and have nightmares dont watch this just in case you get it. No furries were killed in the making of this video
Staring Anonymous grey Newb
Filmed at Deshima Second Life
This mammoth space station and colony exists far, far away. Wander through its enormous corridors or exit one of the airlocks and discover a beautiful atmosphere complete with floating asteroids and docked spacecraft. This is space-age role playing on a truly epic scale.
Music by Mike Oldfield Tublar Bells

    These are both very well done piece's of Art. Full of some wonderful effects and imagination.
   Shake Me Down
From: jjccccc  | Jul 21, 2011  | 55 views

Each of them take place in very futuristic setting's, excellent music, creative sound effect's and professional  quality audio mixing.

     Both can be viewed on this Blogs Machinima channel, the link is located on the opening page, very top located directly below the Total Page views counter. 

JayR Cela. :_)

Insilico Time Lapsed

 Both of these are excellent examples of this evolving art form, in very futuristic setting's, great music with
 some intense sound effects, and exceptionally well mixed audio.

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