Monday, July 18, 2011

Virtual World Standards "Revisited" "Some One Need's To Take A Stand !!"

By Avatar JayR Cela

     The world in witch we live is rapidly changing. Virtual World's are proliferating like blueberry;s on a tree. So is the crap the birds splat on your car's windshield after a fresh wash and polish. Linden Lad set the standard, then completely through everyone one for a loop with Viewer2.

    I guess it was inevitable, after all Microsoft no longer supports Windows 98 , it just does not make any economical sense.

    Viewer2 has been a total and complete disaster. Oz Linden, a very nice person and quite likable guy. has banned me from meeting's. I can sneak in with an ALT Avatar, but I choose not to do so until I get word back from him. Unfortunately he seem's to have muted me. This childish behavior is very discouraging to a pressing issue.

  A Standard User Interface That Will Work Across All Platform's

JayR Cela

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